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Christ Generation Ministries logo is a graphic mark used as an organizations to aid and promote instant public recognition.Each word and graphic symbolises what we truely stand for:

CHRIST: Meaning "The anointed one"Our lord and Saviour,the Lord that died and saved mankind from total doom.Christ stands as our King here because He is the head of the Church.

THE GLOBE:A globe is a three-dimensional scale model of Earth (terrestrial globe).The word "globe" comes from the Latin word globus, meaning round mass or sphere.represents for us in CGM the world God has created and will come to reign supreme in it.
THE CROSS:The cross is one of the most ancient human symbols, and is used by many religions, such as Christianity,But here in CGM the cross is more to us,meaning where Christ willingly died,ressurrected and saved us from eternal destruction,Christ gave us a new life of hope,peace and eternal redemption on the cross. 
The Cross, Christ death, burial and ressurrection.The defeat of satan and the birth of New Generation church.
FIRE:Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.Our Christian life is meant to be fire-Charged at all time,causing heat to the enemies and keeping us charged up,so the spirit of God is kept active in us.The fire is also a reminder of that place of eternal condemination for sinners and the devil. 
GLORY:In Christian religious tradition, the Glory is manifestation of God's presence;

Glory, a term in Christian life when Gods presence is with a believer or a halo surrounding the whole body of a person in Christ.

GENERATION:Is the act of producing offspring. In a more general sense, it can also refer to the act of creating something inanimate such as ideas, sound and electrical generation.A generation can refer to stages of successive improvement in life.For us Generation depicts the various stages of human existence on earth and how Jesus Christ has been Lord of all the generations. Christ Generation will abide for ever.
MINISTRIES: A department of service.For us our mission of call, the ministries of preaching, healing, evangelism etc.